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We offer a full range of body piercing services. Below is a description of the different types of piercing that can be performed by a professional on site. In addition, a short explanation is included with each example to demonstrate how the procedure is regularly conducted.

  • Ear: This is the most common form of body piercing. A hole is pierced through the fatty tissue of the earlobe and an earring is inserted. This procedure is normally performed using a specially designed gun.

  • Nose: This is carried out using a specifically designed nose piercing system. This procedure makes the process both comfortable and safe and has become a recommended standard throughout the locality.

Other types of piercing must be carried out using a hollow needle, which is pushed through the skin and tissue of the body part being pierced. This ensures there are clear entrance and exit holes. A piece of jewellery, usually a decorative bar or ball closure ring, is then pushed through the hole.

Other common piercings include the following:

  • Belly button: The banana bar is inserted just above the navel.

  • Eyebrow: A small curved bar is inserted through the eyebrow. A ball closure ring can also be used.

  • Lip: Above and below mouth a labret stud or a ball closure ring can be used.

  • Tregus: A labret stud is used.

  • Tongue: The tongue is pierced from the base up using a straight bar 22mm in length with small screw balls on each end. This size bar is used to allow for swelling. When the piercing has fully healed, this bar is changed for a shorter bar.

  • Nipple: This is made through the vascular (meaning that blood flows through it) tissue of the end of the nipple. A thin metal ring or bar is inserted through the hole.

Other descriptions can be made available upon request.

Here are just a few pictures of our popular body jewellery - can you imagine them on you?

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