G Mantella Body Piercing Clinic Enfield, London

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Body piercing has been a popular method of self-expression since ancient times. Roman centurions wore nipple rings to show their virility and courage. Amazonian warriors put heavy metal rings through their noses to intimidate their enemies and ancient Egyptian royals had naval piercings to prove their high status in society.

Today, although still associated with tribal people such as the Masai warriors of East Africa, body piercing has become a popular fashion in western society, made widespread in Britain by punk culture in the mid 1970s. Piercing the ears, nose, navel, tongue, and other parts of the body has now become commonplace, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

At G Mantella Piercing Clinic London, we believe that quality, service and health considerations are the most important factors in the philosophy of body piercing. We feel we have a duty of care towards each and every client. If you choose to have bodypiercing, you should take advice from people who have used a reputable bodypiercing shop or piercer before. Ask them questions about how much information they were given about looking after their piercing and how to take jewellery out safely. Check that the staff were helpful and professional.

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