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Our Advice

Whether you choose to have your piecing completed at G mantella or elsewhere, we would like to provide some advice to anyone considering body piercing. The information concerns standards to look out for when choosing a clinic. We have very stringent standards and would like to share some best practice guidelines with the customer.

If you choose to have bodypiercing, you should take advice from people who have used a reputable bodypiercing shop or piercer before. Ask them questions about how much information they were given about looking after their piercing and how to take jewellery out safely. Check that the staff were helpful and professional.

A few days before having your piercing, visit the shop in order to identify any potential health risks. After looking around, make sure that you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • is the piercing area a no-smoking zone?

  • are pets kept well away from the piercing area?

  • is the piercer wearing clean, practical clothing, with long hair tied back?

  • do they use non-sterile surgical gloves that are changed and discarded between each customer?

  • do they wash their hands regularly and use disposable paper towels to dry them?

  • have they covered any cuts or wounds on their hands with waterproof dressings?

  • are the premises clean, with wipe-clean surfaces throughout (including the floor)?

  • do they use single use needles and discard them after each piercing?

  • are other instruments kept in an autoclave (steriliser) until needed?

  • is the jewellery used appropriate for the type of piercing? Is it made of non-nickel metal? Has it been sterilised immediately before insertion?

  • will the piercer refuse to pierce more than two sites on the body during one visit?

  • does the piercer have a clear policy regarding age restrictions and parental consent?

Some local councils keep registers of approved piercers who have passed hygiene and safety standards set out by the council, and who are regularly inspected by health and safety officers. This is in accordance with the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1982. Contact your local Borough, City or County Council for further information about approved piercer schemes.

We want you to pierce safely and comfortably.

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