G Mantella Body Piercing Clinic Enfield, London

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Media Success

G Mantella Piercing Clinic has been singled out as an example of excellence within the provision of body piercing services.

The owner is highly respected in the world of piercing. He has been involved in bringing forward new dimensions in the industry, including the piercing of two pieces of art by Michael Clark which are exhibited in the British Museum. In addition, Mr Mehmet was included within an academic text named the "Book of Skin". The author of the book, Steven Connor, chose to include Erdal due to both his expertise and excellent reputation. No one had ever pierced a piece of artwork before. It was a world's first. Erdal proves his rank through the very process of piercing. Most piercers use clamps but all of Erdal's piercings are carried out freehand. He states:

"I view piercing as a form of expression like any piece of art. But at the same time, the comfort and satisfaction of the customer is always paramount to me".

This is why Erdal is only one of a few people in the country who was able to pierce such works as those exhibited within the British Museum. In addition, he revolutionised the approach to nose piercing within his locality by introducing the use of a specifically designed nose piercing system. This has become the recommended standard by the local council.

G Mantella Piercing Clinic London recently appeared on channel 5 news demonstrating the expertise of professional piercing through a live demonstration at the clinic. The customer involved stated:

"I've had my nose and my ears pierced here before. I wouldn't trust anyone else".

The story appeared within the London news press, which provided praise for the professional licensed practitioner and the excellence in service provided.

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