G Mantella Body Piercing Clinic Enfield, London

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Welcome to the official G Mantella body piercing clinic website. At G Mantella, we specialise in the provision of a wide range of piercing services to the general public. We were one of the first licensed piercers in london, and we continue to lead by example through delivering exceptional service in a safe and hygenic environment.

Please take the time to navigate through our website and to learn more about our approach and body piercing in general. We have also provided information in regards to what anyone should look out for when choosing a piercing service - from the cleanliness of the premises to the experience of the staff.

"No two piercings are ever the same and so people get the chance to express some of their individuality and creativity through both the peircing itself and its decorative nature".

Mr Erdal Mehmet, founder of G Mantella.

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